Is Your Broker Working For YOU?

Brokers, Insurance Companies and Bank Reps make a commission for selling you a product.  It is in their interest to sell you a high commission product.  Some Mutual Funds charge a fee of as much as 4% or more and some Annuities pay a commission of as much as 8%!

At Standfast we charge a LOW annual fee.  As your account grows, our fees grow.  When your account declines, our fees decline.  Our interests are aligned.  

We both want your account to grow at a reasonable rate of return without taking inordinate risks.

Because we do not depend on commissions, we are free to recommend investments that suit your needs, not the one that pays us the most.

‚ÄúThose with responsibility to invest money for others should act with prudence, discretion, intelligence and regard for the safety of capital as well as income.” –Judge Samuel Putnam, Harvard College versus Amory, Massachusetts (1830)

 What matters?

  • Dividends 
  • Revenue Growth 
  • Price-to-Sales Ratio

What we believe: We believe in the future of America and the American people.  We believe in the future of the world economy.   We believe that the best way for you to participate in that glorious future is by investing in high-quality, dividend-paying stocks.